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Chiara Briccola wedding designer, luxury florist Como



   W E D D I N G   A N D   E V E N T S   F L O R A L   D E S I G N 

Real passion for flowers...

My grandmother Maria disappeared for hours and grandfather got angry every time because he knew it was in the garden and had to walk for one kilometer to call her since the mobile phone did not exist yet.

Teresina, my mom, disappears even now and dad is resigned to the fact that with good weather he will eat when it happens.

My passion for garden has deep roots and I thank my grandmother and my mom who transmitted me it. 

I like the old flowers, fragrant, wild. I love roses, viburnum, aquatic plants. I like the mixed borders of shrubs and perennials.

I love English gardens and I draw inspiration from the great masters to create a magical atmosphere with plants adapted to our climate, that require little water and little maintenance.


I imagine enchanted corners where to spend the time observing, wrapped in the scents of nature.


My arrangements with cut flowers are small clusters or entire scenes, reflecting this idea of ​​the garden, magical and intriguing, with flowers that excite and make us rediscover the beauty of shapes, colors, scents.


I attended the Master "Artist Gardener" at the Agrarian School of the Monza Park with the guidance of landscape architect Massimo Semola and lessons, among others, of landscapers such as Ermanno Casasco, Emanuele Bortolotti, Valerio Cozzi, Filippo Pizzoni, Paolo Villa.


I also attended the courses of Floral Art at the Fondazione Minoprio with the master florist Rudy Casati, universally recognized as one of the best Italian florists and internationally known for his amazing works.

I also had the privilege to work with him, to see him at work, to breathe his style.  


For many years I am following with great interest the major national and international exhibitions of flowers and gardens such as Masino, Orticola, Chelsea Flower Show, Orticolario, Courson.  

I attended all editions of Maestri di Paesaggio in Bergamo and I had the honor to follow the workshops of the great English landscape masters John Brookes, Cleve West, Annie Guilfoile, the Switzerland Sophie Agata Ambroise, the Italian Marco Bay and finally the brilliant Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf and I fell in love with his style.

I watch, read, travel. I dabble in photography.


The garden of love is my garden, full of my favorite flowers, which I caress and cuddle every day. They're fine with me and the garden become lush making me happy.


On the cover of one of my book is written, happiness grow in the garden. It's true!

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